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Pastel Concentrated Colours

          Fabulous paste food colourings which are ideal for sugar paste or royal icing. All colours are strong and will deepen
           on drying. We recommend they are used sparingly, so you can achieve the most delicate of pastel shades, while
           adding more gives you vibrant colours without changing the consistency of the medium you are working with.
                     You can paint with these paste colours by adding a little water and using a small brush,
                          although adding Sugarflair Rejuvenator Spirit works better for cake painting.

               All Sugarflair Pastel Paste Colours are Nut Free, Gluten Free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

          The Sugarflair Pastel Paste is available in 25g and 400g pots, packed 10 of one colour per carton for 25g pots.
                                                400g pots sold individually.

                  A330                       A301                       A327                       A325
                  WHITE                    DAFFODIL                  PEARL IVORY               CORNISH CREAM

                  A311                       A312                       A302                       A303
               HONEY GOLD                   APRICOT                    ORANGE                    BABY PINK

                  A326                       A313                       A314                       A304
               PINK HONEY                    ROSE                     MAGENTA                     SCARLET
              (FORMERLY SKINTONE)

                  A315                       A328                       A305                       A306
               CHERRY RED                  SPICE RED                SPRING GREEN                PEPPERMINT
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